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Iconiqs Media can manage your events or represent your talent.
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Artist Management

We have worked with a variety of regional, national and international talent in a variety of venues to create exciting and memorable events!

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Event Management

Here at Iconiqs Media, we understand how to leverage your events in comprehensive and meaningful ways to reach your goals and provide a world-class experience.

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Social Media

Can’t figure out how to creat an effective social media campaign? Iconiqs Media will help you create a successful stretegy to utilizes your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, & Instragram.

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Website Development

Iconiqs Media can transform your website into a robust online presence! Move customers to your site and get the information you need to enhance your sales or membership!


Iconiqs Media Team

Cory L. Murphy

Cory L. Murphy has over 15 years experience in event managment, business/non-profit management, web development, and sponsorships/fiscal development. As principal of Iconiqs Media LLC, he is the lead on all client services and company administration.

Rachel Bowman-Cryer

Event Management Intern

Matthew Helmkamp

Some kind words from those who have worked with our CEO.
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